Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muscular fatigue is in your head

I recently read a series of articles that discuss the relationship between fatigue and neuronal action in the brain.  In this episode, I present a quick synopsis of these articles for your listening pleasure.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Photos from the Drumstick Dash and Around Rochester

I just plugged my phone into my computer (as a distraction from grading) and have decided to put up photos fromt the Drumstick Dash and from my recent experiences with crazy amounts of Canadian Geese around Silver Lake.

The geese on Silver Lake

Geese in the field across the street from the lake...

Dead Squirrel that I kept passing on my sprints around Goose Egg Park.

Morning of the Drumstick Dash... Gorgeous.

I thought this was oddly fitting before the Drumstick Dash.  In retrospect, I can't tell if its a guy or gal... oh well.  Still kinda cool looking.
Silver Lake itself stays largely ice free in parts due to a hydro-electric/coal power plant that is attached to the Silver Lake Dam (hence the reason for the "lake") because of this, a large number of Canadian Geese have turned it into a permanent home.  The major drawback of this is the immense amount of goose poo on the trails (VERY SLIPPERY) and the loud honking that accompanies them.

The photos of the Dash (the last two) were of the sunrise over Lake Harriet that morning... beautiful.