Monday, September 12, 2011

Two new episodes!!!

Check them out on iTunes. Both have more of a physiological nature to them.  One on muscles of the lower leg and one on fatigue.  Hopefully you enjoy!


  1. Andy,

    Interesting episodes.

    I finished the Fatigue episode with a couple unanswered questions, mostly about Calcium. I've never heard much emphasis placed on calcium during training/racing. I was wondering how much is consumed during exercise, what the source is during exercise and how fast the body can absorb new calcium.

    The Google Machine found me this comparison of sports drinks and I was surprised to see that only about of the sports drinks contain any Calcium, that makes me think we either have sufficient supplies or it is too slow to replenish that it is not critical to include in sports drinks.

    One idea for an episode would be to discuss the physiology of hitting the wall.

    Thanks again for the episode, I think your expertise is a valuable addition to running podcasts, sorry if my questions are off-topic or come from misunderstanding.

    Keep up the podcast & good luck at the Woodsy, which sounds like an awesome race--I wish I could do it but have other plans.



  2. ok, sorry for multiple posts. Maybe a good episode would be a high-level look at what systems--cardio, muscular, etc--are important in running. I can really see you basically putting together a kick-ass Running Physiology 101 series but some of us could use a broader overview before getting into the fine-level details. Just a thought.