Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Muscle Milk Woodsy

I was attracted to click on the link because of the odd and potentially double entendre based name of the race-- and I registered because it fit into my half training program. All in all, it looks like it should be fun-- a true trail race on a minimally groomed trail that lasts 8.9 miles.  I'm pretty excited!


  1. Hey Andy, I've checked out your show and like what you're doing.

    I do have a couple questions.

    First, could you explain your medical background a little more just to wrap more context around the show.

    Also, episode 9, when you were talking about tap water and trace minerals in it (approximately at the 8:50 mark), you said "if it were straight up water, it would be very bad for you to drink and most likely you would not gain any hydration from it."

    I think you misspoke a bit--I believe pure water does hydrate and is not bad for you (Hyponatremia excluded), the body just absorbs sports drinks faster because of salt in them. I am not a nutritionist though.

    Keep up the show--glad you pointed out the Muscle Milk race, I hadn't seen anything about it before and it does look interesting.

    Thanks & Good Luck.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    My background isn't medical by nature, more academic. I was originally trained as a Molecular Biologist who specialized in the genetics of addiction. Currently, however, I teach Human Anatomy and Physiology at a collegiate level. Most of my comments in the podcast are looking at running from my understandings based on teaching my classes.

    As far as my comment about drinking straight up water-- I am referring specifically to pure H2O-- de-ionized or reverse osmosis. Over extended periods of time, based on the osmolarity of the intestinal tract, it would produce a leaching of chemicals/nutrients (along their concentration gradient). Granted that would be in more extreme situations and most processes don't allow you to ingest pure H2O.

    Once again, I'm not a nutritionist either, just a scientist trying to apply my knowledge of the body into my daily life.

  3. Thanks for answering my questions, Andy, both here & on the show. The info about "pure" water was something I didn't realize--thanks for the info.