Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Podcast updates, Training updates and Race Report.

So that I keep something semi-recent on here:

I've put up another two podcasts; one last week on Respiration and what I understand to be a discussion of VO2 Max and one (last night) talking about my Halloween race and a few other bits of thought regarding running as a whole.

As another bit of an update, I broke the century mark for the month of October! To be honest, I barely made it (100.5 miles) but I was sill happy with my result overall especially since I bested my previous result by a total of 94 miles in the month of May. I'm guessing that October will probably be my most extensive workload until January or so...

Otherwise, my 5k results: clock time of 24:43; watch time of 24:14. I was hoping for a 25:00 time or so, so in general I'm happy with it.

So looking at the goals I've set for myself on the side; I've checked one off my list!!!

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