Monday, November 7, 2011

Rails to Trails Race Report

Another podcast episode is up.

In summary, it was windy and smelled like cows for much of the race. The race was uphill until the tunnel, steeply downhill (3.5% grade?) through the wet and dark tunnel (I used my iPhone as a light for the descent) to the flats and the turn around (no longer smelling like cows). Then the return. I was encouraged by the people running around me to keep at the same pace leading me to finish strongly with a new PR of 1:57:14!

For those who are counting, thats a whopping 17 minutes faster than my previous 13 miler (in October) and a full 31 minutes faster than my last (first) Half (in June)!

Photos will be up as soon as I attach my phone to the computer.

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