Friday, June 3, 2011

A hot and humid day

Well it seems like summer is once again rearing its ugly humid and sticky head here in the Med City. As I have said before, I'm not that big of a fan of summer. Sure I like the sunshine and the flowers but the humidity is awful and the high temperatures are not pleasant-- especially for running!

Today I did a 2 miler, I took it out too fast-- probably proof that my taper is actually working, but then I took it back in a reasonable speed for me. I wasn't very happy with the run but I was satisfied. The worst aspect of the whole thing was that I sweat like I had been running for twice the distance! I know-- gross, but its the truth and one of the facts of being a stocky guy built for cold and blustery winters rather than the hot and humid summer.

They've made the forecast for my race even better! Only 78° as a high on Sunday with dew points in the low 50s!!!

Thats all for now.

Until next time,
-Med City Andy

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