Monday, June 13, 2011

Running the trails in Rochester

A few things in this entry:
1) A new podcast episode is up! Find it on iTunes (search for medcity) or you can click on the link above to directly download it.

2) Since I was talking about the trails in Rochester on the podcast I figured that I would put up some photos so that all of you would be able to see the beauty that I'm able to run upon on a daily (or 4/7 weekly) basis. Please excuse the photos, they were all actually taken via phone on the run (no stopping).
 The bridge over Cascade Creek.

 Both of the previous are of the trail.
The railroad crossing.  Its quite frightening to go under while a trail is there.  I try to avoid the trains as much as possible-- they're quite loud and make the bridge seem like it will break.

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